The Lead Proposal feature included with Buildertrend provides powerful estimating functionality. There are also other platforms that integrate with Buildertrend.

We give you the options to use the platform that works best for your company. WIth the end goal being to have your Lead Proposals and Estimates in Buildertrend for better job costing.

To begin, click on a Lead and navigate to the Proposals tab. From here, select an existing Lead Proposal or create a New Proposal.

From the import drop-down, select the platform that you currently subscribe to: Softplan, PrebuiltML, Chief Architect, STACK, Clear, PlanSwift, CadSoft or Cubit. Please keep in mind these are not Buildertrend platforms.

You can select Browse My Computer to import the third party file or Browse Buildertrend Files if the file is stored in your Buildertrend account. Click Next to proceed.

You can map each column from the file with data points in Buildertrend to ensure the import is accurate. Click Next to proceed.

At this point, you will be able to review any unmapped Cost Codes and content and then import.

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