Markup can be added to a single cost in a variety of ways. When adding a New Cost, Markup can be added at the bottom of the window.

Markup can also be added within the line item field.

When adding Markup, there are different ways to develop an amount. Start by clicking the Markup drop-down.

Selecting % will allow you to add a percentage Markup based on the cost.

Selecting $ will allow you to manually add the desired amount to the cost.

Selecting $/Unit will allow you to set a Markup amount per unit. If you have selected more than one unit in the Quantity field, the Markup amount will be applied to each selected unit.

Selecting -- will allow you to determine the Owner Price manually.

A percentage Markup can be applied to multiple line items by using the checkboxes to the left of each item. From here, navigate to the Checked Actions drop-down and select Adjust Percentage Markup.

You can then set the percentage Markup for all selected items.

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