Lead Proposals and Estimates work similarly. Lead Proposals can be built using general items, whereas, the Estimate feature will let you incorporate bids from trades, selections and allowances.

Lead Proposals are great for initial agreements such as design agreements. Estimates on the other hand can be seen as the actual contract. That being said, Lead Proposals can certainly act as the fully encompassing contract - it all depends on your process.

Lead Proposals

  • Associated with Lead Opportunities on the Sales side of Buildertrend

  • Multiple proposals can be sent to a prospect - only one proposal can be approved

  • Does not have access to the Bids, Selections or Allowance features

  • If set up to receive Online Payments, you can request an online payment upon proposal approval


  • Associated with Jobs on the Project Management side of Buildertrend

  • A job can only have one Estimate

  • Estimates allow you to integrate the Bids, Selections and Allowance features

  • Estimates can be used to invoice your clients in a variety of ways

Lead Proposals are located within the Sales tab and can be used as part of your sales process.

Each Lead Opportunity can have multiple Lead Proposals, allowing your prospects to have multiple options. However, only one proposal can be approved by the prospect. Each job on the Project Management side of Buildertrend can only have one Estimate.

As stated above, an Estimate allows you to incorporate the Bids, Selections and Allowance features. You're not able to use these features on the Sales side of the program, meaning your Lead Proposal will not have these integrations.

When releasing a Lead Proposal, you have the option to request a payment from your prospect. This can be a down payment, first payment or the entire amount of the contract. Again, it all depends on your process. To request a payment, your account will need to be set up for Online Payments.

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