Use Buildertrend to:

  • Better understand project timelines and track progress in a centralized location

  • Improve processes and work more efficiently

  • Monitor the financial health of your projects in real-time and make adjustments as needed

  • Share project information with key stakeholders to ensure everyone is aligned

What do homebuilders, specialty contractors, commercial contractors and remodelers value about Buildertrend?

Lead Management:

  • Know when to follow up with potential clients and keep track of consultation appointments

  • Run reports on what lead sources result in more closed jobs and prioritize incoming leads

  • Keep track of the high volume of jobs coming in with all information being tracked in one central location


  • Increase collaboration between all involved parties with a consistent schedule and processes

  • Create more efficiency in business processes with everything in one location

  • See a decrease in repetitive tasks and rework with real-time updates

  • Increase transparency between the office team and field crews

  • Add flexibility to timeline shifts and schedule changes

  • Keep track of changes without having to rely on memory

Real-time financials:

  • Track the bottom line and provide visibility across all jobs

  • Know project margins in real-time throughout the life of each job

Establishing a change order process:

  • Don't lose money and increase profit margins by managing and documenting change orders in Buildertrend

  • Form easier processes for dealing with unanticipated changes such as load-bearing walls or plumbing issues

  • Ensure you don’t have to eat the costs of unexpected changes with built-in change order processes

  • Create a seamless formal process for change orders and require multiple rounds of approval without holding up construction

Effective communication:

  • Ensure open communication and reduce mistakes made on jobs

  • Store all information, files and documents in one place allowing for transparency for all involved parties

  • Use Buildertrend as a single source of truth, so there's no need to juggle emails, texts and paper documents

  • Use the Customer Portal to create a channel for seamless communication with clients, which also helps to improve customer experience

  • Use Buildertrend to help communicate the scope of each job to their crews

Planning crew locations:

  • Specialty contractors can use the Schedule feature to plan out their crews’ locations for each day

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