Features within Buildertrend fall under five main categories: Sales, Project Management, Files, Messaging and Financials.


  • Lead Opportunities: Manage your leads and track all activities as they move through your sales process. Follow key metrics you need and quickly identify high-value opportunities.

  • Lead Activities: Track the call, meeting, due diligence, follow-up and email activity for your leads. You can also create custom activities that match your sales process.

  • Lead Proposals: Create and send multiple proposals to your potential clients and secure the sale with electronic signatures. You can also template proposals to speed up your sales process.

  • Lead Activity Calendar: Similar to the Lead Activities section, the calendar view will help you to easily keep track of lead calls, meetings, due diligence, follow-ups and emails.

  • Lead Map: Know where your leads are coming from within your area by using this feature. This will help you to know where to focus your marketing efforts.

Project Management

  • Schedule: Use the backbone of our platform to seamlessly manage all your jobs and track progress. Easily make updates to timelines and keep your team, subs and clients on the same page.

  • Daily Logs and To-Do’s: Maintain effective communication, keep key parties updated and add punch lists to keep your team on track.

  • Change Orders: Easily keep track of documents and submit project changes to your clients for quick approval and payment.

  • Selections: Allow your clients to go through and approve their product and design selections within Buildertrend, so everything is documented.

  • Warranty: Keep all your warranty information, claim statuses, documents and updates in the same easy-to-access location.

  • Time Clock: Allow your hourly team members to clock in and out using the app and seamlessly monitor their time on the job. You can also choose to use geofencing to ensure crews clock in on the job site.


Buildertrend offers unlimited cloud-based storage meaning you can store and organize all of your files within each of your job folders. File storage includes:

  • Documents

  • Photos

  • Videos


  • Comments: You can place a comment on any file, photo, schedule item, document, change order or PO. Comments allow for collaboration between key stakeholders.

  • Messages: Messages are a way for you to have all emails for each specific job route back into each specific job folder. This helps to keep emails for each job organized and separated instead of combined into one inbox.

  • RFIs: Requests for information are used frequently in the construction industry as a means for gathering information to help make a decision on the next steps of a project.

  • Notification History: Use this feature to quickly search and find in-platform notifications. This will help you document and track updates.

  • Surveys: Use this feature to connect with your clients, collect useful feedback and improve your marketing. You can use this tool to get feedback throughout the course of the project by having templated surveys sent at the end of certain schedule items. Send a survey at the end of your sales process, selection process or when the design process is completed.


  • Bids: Effortlessly create and send a request for price to your subcontractors and trade partners. Approve the quotes that best suit your project and sync these costs into your estimate. You can also convert approved price requests into a PO or work order.

  • Estimate: Creating or importing your estimate into Buildertrend will open the door to job cost tracking. After you've approved your final estimated cost, you can then account for any unexpected cost that may occur throughout the project.

  • POs: Purchase orders within Buildertrend are simply "work orders." POs can be used for the larger costs you plan to incur with specific trade partners. (Ex. plumbing, electrical, concrete etc.) POs allow you to make payments throughout the project based on the completion of a schedule item or a preset schedule of payments.

  • Bills: Bills should be used when making one-off purchases or payments toward items that don't require an agreement such as permits, rentals, Home Depot visits, etc. You can't make a partial payment on a bill. 💡

  • PO Payments: A section within a PO that allows you to set up a schedule of payments. All PO payments will form a total on your budget and show outstanding amounts.

  • Budget: The budget in Buildertrend can be looked at either by job, job group, project manager assigned or across all jobs. The structure of your budget is based on your cost codes and cost categories. Your budget is intended to show you at-a-glance views of your estimate versus actual cost. Your budget can be integrated with your QuickBooks.

  • Invoice: Generate line-item invoices from your estimates, change orders or customer selection sheets.

  • Online Payments: Accept online payments via check and/or credit card and pay your subs just as easy.

  • Online Payment Report: This tool allows customers to use Online Payment Processing powered by Chase to track all e-payments in process, partially paid and paid in full. This helps users to quickly track inbound and outbound e-payments and provides at-a-glance reporting.

Interested in Learning More? 📚

The Buildertrend Learning Academy is your one-stop-shop for your online education, whether you're new to Buildertrend or an experienced user looking to learn more.

If you have any questions or require additional support, feel free to chat with us, send an email: support@buildertrend.com, or give us a call at 1-888-415-7149. We’re always happy to help.

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