Each Estimate can be approved in one of two ways:

  • Internally (approved by an internal user)

  • Externally (approved by the client)

When the Estimate has been approved, the Original Estimate costs will be locked (unable to be edited) for job costing purposes. Any edits that need to be made after the Estimate has been approved can be made using the Revised Costs tab. You can also see who internally approved the Estimate.

To approve internally, navigate to Format & Share with Owner in the top right of your Estimate.

From here, click Save & Approve.

This action will approve the Estimate internally, allowing you to begin tracking your Revised Costs.

Internal approvals can be reset by clicking View Job Proposal in the top right.

Then click Reset.

This action will give you the option to save a PDF of the Estimate before resetting the approval.

To send the Estimate to a client for approval, the Estimate will need to be released to the client.

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