Cost Types can complement Bid and Allowance creation. To begin, select Add New Cost within your Estimate.

From here, you can mark the appropriate Cost Type of the item.

Once a cost has been associated with a Bid or Allowance, you can then use them when creating a Bid Package or Allowance. When creating a Bid Package, you can add line items from your Estimate that are marked with the "Bid" Cost Type.

Click Add from Estimate at the bottom.

Next, select the line items you would like to add to your Bid Package. This screen will incorporate all line items marked with the "Bid" Cost Type. Click Add Cost Items to proceed.

The selected items will now be added to your Bid Package.

👉 Please Note: Once a line item from the Estimate has been added to a Bid Package, the line item’s Estimated Cost Details will be locked in place within the Estimate until there is an approved or budgeted bid. Any edits made to line items within the Bid Package will not flow back into the Estimate or the Revised Costs until a bid has been approved or budgeted.

Once the Bid Package has been saved, the selected line items will be linked to your Estimate.

The same process can be applied to line items on the Estimate marked as "Allowance."

When creating Allowances, line items marked with the "Allowance" Cost Type will be displayed.

These items can be added to the Allowance.

This line item will then be added to the Allowance.

Once saved, the Allowance will be linked with your Estimate.

Depending on your estimating process, using Cost Types in this way could save you time and help keep your line items organized.

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