Each Estimate can be approved in one of two ways:

  • Internally (approved by an internal user)

  • Externally (approved by the client)

When an Estimate has been released to the client or approved, the Original Estimate cost will be locked (unable to be edited) for job costing purposes. Any edits that need to be made after the Estimate has been approved can be made using the Revised Costs tab.

Releasing an Estimate will send the Estimate via email to all email addresses associated with the job's Owner Information. Only one approval is needed to approve the Estimate.

To release an Estimate, navigate to the Estimate feature and click the Format & Share with Owner button in the top right.

From here, click Save & Release at the top to release the Estimate to your client.

Before releasing the Estimate, you can see what the Estimate will look like to your client using the Owner Preview tab.

Once released, your clients will be able to approve Estimates via email if they are not actively using Buildertrend. Clients can also approve Estimates by logging in to their Customer Portal if they are actively using Buildertrend.

Once they've checked the confirmation and clicked Approve, they can provide an electronic signature to complete the process.

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