If you're already set up for online payments, getting your first invoice sent to your client can seem a bit overwhelming. To help you feel confident with the process, this article will quickly showcase how to release an invoice and how the invoice will look for your client when they receive it.

Step 1.

Create a New Invoice.

Be sure to provide a due date, the amount owed and any attachments or notes that support the request for payment.

Step 2.

Release the invoice.

Once you're ready for your client to receive their invoice, click Save & Release.

Step 3.

Choose Notify Owner.

By choosing to Notify Owner, your client will get an email regarding the invoice, which will include the link to Pay Online.

Email Example:

If your client is not an active user within your Buildertrend account, they can still pay online without accessing the Customer Portal.

Simply add your client's email address before releasing the invoice.

If your client wants to pay by credit card or Automated Clearing House but isn't able to access a device to process the payment, you can process the payment for them via your Buildertrend account.

Once you've saved a payment request, the option to pay online will appear. You'll then be able to choose the lender type and enter the payment information on behalf of your client.

If you run into any questions while processing your first online payment, don't hesitate to chat with our team.

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