In order to view more information on your Estimate, you have the ability to choose which columns you would like to display while you work on the Estimate. You can also position the columns in any order to best fits your needs. Filters will help you locate specific costs without needing to scroll excessively to find what you're looking for.

To control which columns are displayed and the order they are displayed in when viewing your Estimate, click the gear icon to the right.

From here, you can select the order and which information you would like displayed. Please note, this does not impact what your client can see upon releasing the Estimate. This is for your internal display only.

  • Check the box next to the column you want to display

  • Click and hold the grab icon to place each column in the order you would like it displayed. Note: in the screen clip below, "Cost Type" would be the column that is furthest to the left when you look at your worksheet.

Once you have added and ordered the desired columns, they will then be displayed within the estimate table.

Above the estimate table, the Filters will allow you to report on the information contained within the Estimate. Here you'll be able to search for specific cost items as well as cost types. Click to expand the Filters, which will help you locate specific costs quickly.

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