To begin formatting the basic worksheet data of your Estimate, click the Format & Share with Owner button in the top right-hand corner.

From here, the Details tab will allow you to add a Title, set an Approval Deadline, and add Introductory and Closing Text. Typically this will include an introduction to your company, terms and conditions, inclusions/ exclusions and draw schedule. The Introductory and Closing Text will be your important contractual verbiage.

Further down the page, you're able to add Attachments to your contract.

You will then be able to select what information you want to be displayed to your client. The selections made here will be displayed to your client once the Estimate has been released.

Cost = Builder Cost.

Price = Client Price

  • Cost Code (Code used to detail cost)

  • Item Title (Title associated with the line item)

  • Cost Type (Type of Cost for the line item)

  • Description (Description of the line item)

  • Quantity/Unit (Amount and unit type of the line item)

  • Unit Cost (Cost of each unit)

  • Builder Total Cost (Total cost for the builder)

  • Markup (Amount or percentage)

  • Markup Amount (Amount of markup on the line item)

  • Unit Price (Price per unit)

  • Price (Price of the line item)

  • Total Price (Total price of the contract - Builder Cost + Markup)

  • Category Price (Price of each category)

  • Total Cost (Total cost of the contract - Builder Cost)

  • Total Markup (Total markup amount of the contract)

Once you select what you would like to display, be sure to click "Apply" for the change to take effect.

Next, you'll be able to manage the layout of your line items. Categories can be created within this grid. Categories will allow you to create more structure for your customer-facing display.

If you're using categories to organize your customer-facing display, you can use the grab icons to the left of each line item and drag them to a category. To get the grab icon to appear, hover your mouse over a line item.

This can also be done en masse using Checked Actions.

Once items are assigned, and your display items have been selected, navigate to the Owner Preview tab.

In Owner Preview, you can see the content and display of your contract before you release it to your client for approval.

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