In order to estimate effectively, it's important to have your Cost Codes set up within the platform. This will help you achieve better detail when estimating and job costing. For more information regarding Cost Codes, please refer to the articles below.

  1. What are Cost Categories and Cost Codes?

  2. How are Cost Categories Set Up in the Platform?

  3. Things to Consider When Choosing Cost Codes

  4. How are Cost Codes Set Up in the Platform?

There are a few ways to add costs to your estimate. One way is to click Add New Cost.

Add New Cost allows you to add all cost details for one line item within the Estimated Cost Details window. Once the information has been filled out, you have the option to include the item within your Cost Catalog in the top right. Or just add it to the estimate without saving it to the Cost Catalog. When you're ready to add the information to your estimate, click Save in the top left.

For more information regarding the Cost Catalog, please refer to Setting Up Your Cost Catalog.

Another method for adding costs to your estimate is by importing a Cost Item from your Cost Catalog or using a Cost Code.

When selecting the Cost Code option, you can select multiple Cost Codes and Add them all to the estimate at one time.

Once added, you're able to add details to the line item within the estimate table. After adding cost and details to the line item on this page, your updates will be automatically saved.

You can also add additional descriptions and internal notes by clicking anywhere within the Cost Code box. This will open up the Estimated Cost Details window that was displayed earlier in the article.

Another way to quickly add costs to the estimate is to utilize the Plus icon to the right of the Cost Category.

You can use the Add Item button if you are not utilizing the cost category display on the estimate.

From here, you can fill in all cost information.

Another approach to adding costs to an estimate includes using Excel, templates, and/or other third-party platforms that you may subscribe to. importing from Excel uses the data from an Excel spreadsheet that you use whereas importing from a template utilizes an estimate you have templated within Buildertrend.

When importing from a listed third-party platform, you will simply select the software you use, which will allow you to start the import process from the third-party platform into Buildertrend.

Finally, as you build out your estimated costs, your Budget within Buildertrend will begin to populate as well. This will set the foundation for effective job costing in the future.

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