Selections and Allowances can be managed in a variety of ways. You can establish a setup and workflow that works best for your company. Whichever process you use, having Selections tied to their respective Allowances helps to better organize information as choices are being made.

Once an Allowance has been created, it will automatically be added to your Estimate.

Once the Choice(s) that are tied to an Allowance have been approved, the Estimate will be updated to reflect the Choice(s) that have been made, replacing the Allowance placeholder.

For example, if my appliance allowance was $5,000, the $5,000 would be displayed on the Estimate until the Choice(s) tied to that Allowance has been made. Once the Choice(s) have been made, the price of the Choice(s) will replace the $5,000 on the Estimate. This amount could be more or less than the Allowance amount.

The Allowance/Approved Choice(s) can be accessed from the Estimate by clicking the associated link.

If you would like to display a choice in the on the Estimate before approving a choice, you can select the Include in Estimate and Budget checkbox within the selection choice. This allows you to display pricing in your estimate including a choice without needing to provide an approval.

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