Once you have Cost Groups set up, you will now be able to import them into an estimate or proposal. When working in the Worksheet View of either feature, you can select the Catalog Notebook within the Line Item Container.

From here, you can switch to the Cost Groups tab. When viewing the list of all of your Cost Groups, select the check box of one or multiple groups that you would like to import into the estimate. Once selected, click Add in the top right corner.

The final step is to select which items you want to import into the estimate. At this point, choose Copy and your Cost Group(s) will be imported with all specified Cost Items and descriptions.

🧰Pro Tips:

  • If you are interested in providing pictures of items that are included in the Cost Group, you can attach these when setting up the Cost Group.

  • When setting up items in Cost Groups, you have the ability to set a standard Quantity for that specified group that is independent of the Cost Item itself.

  • An alternative method to importing groups is to use the Format tab of an estimate. Once a single line item is added to the estimate, you can add a general group within the Format tab. You can select the blue Add Cost Group button and then select Import from Catalog.

  • Cost Groups can be sub groups within the Format tab of an estimate. From here, by selecting the Add Sub Group drop down within the specified category, and selecting Import from Catalog you can create a very organized and detailed estimate.

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