Where is the Cost Catalog used?

  • The Cost Catalog can be accessed from several parts of the program. Wherever there is a line item container, you will be able to pull in items from the Cost Catalog, such as estimates, lead proposals, selections, change orders, purchase orders, and bills. The catalog is ideal for products and services that do not change often, but are frequently used.

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🧰 Pro Tips:

  • If the Owner Price toggle is not selected on the Cost Item, any Cost Items that are imported from the catalog can have their markup adjusted as needed. Using the Owner Price toggle forces the line item to use that markup. To adjust it, the link to the Cost Catalog would need to be broken, which can be done by clicking the chain link icon to the right of the individual line item.

  • The Quantity toggle locks the quantity to whatever the number is set to. We recommend not using the quantity toggle unless the quantity is always the same no matter the circumstances. If using items that require square footage pricing for example, it is best to leave the quantity alone in the catalog and update it once imported into the job.

  • For a quick search of items tied to a specific Cost Code, the Cost Code can be selected within the line item container and then when the catalog icon is selected, the available list will display only the items tied to that specific Cost Code.

The Cost Catalog is an extremely useful feature but does require some set up. Please reach out to Customer Support for any further questions regarding the Cost Catalog!



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Bills and Purchase Orders

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