From any Line Item Container, Cost Codes provide important detail and are utilized to help you track and manage job costs. Features that utilize Cost Codes are Lead Proposals, Bids, Estimates, Budget, Selections, Bills, Purchase Orders, Owner Invoices, and Change Orders.

Managing Internal Costs:

The left side of the Line Item Container allows you to enter your internal costs for the line item.

  1. Select a Cost Code using the drop down.

  2. Enter the cost per unit in the Unit Cost field.

  3. Update the Quantity.

  4. The Unit field can be used to detail the unit of measurement for the unit, such as square feet, linear feet, hours required, etc.

Finally, the Unit Cost multiplied by the Quantity will generate your total Builder Cost for the line item.

Generating Markup:

To generate a customer price for your line item, you have various options to add a markup. Markup can be a certain percentage of your Builder Cost, added on (%); a price per unit ($/unit); a flat amount that you add on ($); as well as manually entering the amount you would like to charge the customer for the line item (-).

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