Cost Codes in Buildertrend are synonymous with line items used for estimating, job costing and accounting. Cost Codes may also be referred to as items, products and services, trades, labor and materials, or anything that describes what you might require as a business.

There are a variety of places throughout the program where Cost Codes are necessary, making them essential for using Buildertrend correctly. Examples of features that use Cost Codes are: lead proposals, bids, estimating, budgeting, selections, bills, purchase orders, owner invoicing and change orders. Therefore, without Cost Codes, much of the financial functionalities of Buildertrend will lack organization and detail that you need to run your business effectively. For Cost Codes to be set up appropriately, consider the following:

In Buildertrend, Cost Codes are organized by groups called Cost Categories. Cost Categories are required and must be set up before Cost Codes can be established. Cost Categories provide organization for your Cost Codes that belong together. For example, common Cost Categories follow the order of construction. Often times, builders will have a Cost Category for "preliminary work," which will include Cost Codes related to that phase of construction. Below are examples of how Cost Categories and Cost Codes are utilized within Buildertrend.

You may already be using Cost Codes and Cost Categories within your business. If you have a ledger of Cost Codes that need to be uploaded into the platform, please reach out to Buildertrend's Customer Support and they will help to get your ledger imported. Cost Codes can also be manually set up within the Setup located under the gear icon in the top right corner of the page.

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How Are Cost Codes Set Up In the Platform?

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