If the To-Do you are creating has multiple steps and/or multiple assigned users, you should Add a Checklist.

Adding a checklist will allow you to add a description, assign a user and upload a photo or document to help clarify each line item.

Creating checklists is a great way to queue up punch lists or final clean checklists.

🧰 Pro-Tip: Create a to-do template for any recurring checklists your team may need to complete during a project, or could utilize for other projects.

The last thing you'll want to do before saving your to-do item is to add a due date or link to a schedule item. Adding a basic due date should be used for a to-do item that has no connection to your overall production schedule. If the checklist items or overall to-do tasks need to be completed before or after a specific production schedule item, you should link it to your schedule.

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