Adding Attachments

Sometimes a photo from a job site will explain exactly what happened and how to remedy the issues or concerns. However, keeping all of those photos organized and accessible is the challenge.

Adding attachments to your logs is easy on both the web and mobile application and your option to annotate on them will improve communication and add clarity.

To add a file, click the Add button below the weather report.

From here you can browse your files or use drag and drop to add them. Then click Attach Files.

Once your photos are attached, you'll now see them in your log. Next, click the down arrow to expand options for each file. From here you annotate on each photo.

You can also see if a homeowner or sub can view that specific attachment. If you have a photo that needs to kept internal, you can toggle off viewing access in just a click.

The default viewing permissions of the attachment will follow the permissions set on that individual log.

You do have the option to annotate on PDF attachments as well. 📂

Each of the files you attach to a daily log will also be organized within the Files section of your account. This gives you the ability to simply scroll through the photos of all the daily logs for a specific job.

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