Getting started with To-Do's is a great way to begin introducing your team to Buildertrend.

The To-Do's feature can be used in a variety of ways for managing tasks and should be the "go-to" tool for documenting your own checklist items for each job.

By having all your delegated tasks and personal checklists organized by job, you'll be able to deliver on deadlines and communicate any delays.

To begin, choose a specific job from the Jobs Menu.

Hover over the Project Management tab and click To-Do's.

Next, click the green New To-Do button.

You'll now see the To-Do Details window. In this window, you'll want to add a Title for the new To-Do item.

Most users will create a common naming convention that helps them locate to-do's across all their jobs. For example, you may title your to-do "Punch List Items" or "New Job Start Checklist."

The Notes section will allow you to add more details or instructions for this specific to-do.

Video Recap:

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