Almost everything within Buildertrend revolves around the job or jobs you've selected in the Jobs Menu.

You can find the Jobs Menu along the left side of your screen. To add a new job to the list, click the + icon near the top of the menu and then select From Scratch.

Once you've clicked From Scratch, your Job Details window will open.

The three things you'll need to enter first are:

  • Job Name

    • Creating a naming convention for your projects will be important if you're just getting started. The Job Name will be visible to your client and trades. Consider using the address of the project or a combination of the address and the client's last name.

  • Job Type

    • This is a required classification for your job. If you don't see the type of project you need, click See Additional Options to add it to your most common job type list.

  • Job Group

    • Creating and using Job Groups will be a key data point you'll want to establish early as you start to add more jobs.

Once you've entered in the Job Name and Job Type, click Save & Select Job. Your Job Details window will then close automatically and place you in the newly created job.

From here, you can select a feature from the top menu to add a Schedule Item, To-Do punch list or Daily Log.

Tip: Consider making a test job that you can use to test functionality. ๐Ÿ’ก

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