Daily logs are a great communication tool with the goal to share details of a job with everyone involved. They also provide a historical record of what has happened on a job site.

To begin, log into your Sub Portal and click on the job you are working on from your Jobs Menu.

Next, click Project Management and select Daily Logs.

Click, New Daily Log.

From here, you have a couple options on the information to share with your Builder.

A Date stamp will show for the original creation of the Daily Log. This can also be updated, to reflect a log for a past date, just click on the calendar icon to update.

You can provide Notes or specifics on the job site for that day. Any details that you feel would benefit the Builder, add in the Notes section.

By checking the boxes, you can choose to include the Weather Conditions for the day as well as provide Weather Notes.

Any photos or documents can be added in the Attachments section for that specific Daily Log.

Click the Add button. Then you can drag over the files or browse your computer for the correct photos or documents. Once completed, click Attach Files.

Once the Daily Log has been saved, you can see a date and time stamp populate; along with the original creator of the Daily Log.

You can create a To-Do to assign to yourself, directly from the Daily Log.

The ability to add Comments is an option as well once the Daily Log has been created. Add your question or comment in the text field and click Send to do so.

From here, you and the Builder can have a back and forth correspondence related to the job site. All Comments will be present on that specific Daily Log.


Trades will have access to the same Daily Log information from their mobile device utilizing the Buildertrend mobile app.

First, make sure you have the correct job selected from your list at the top.

Once the job has been selected, click on the Daily Logs tab.

All Daily Logs for that job will be shown in this section, with their original creation date present. To provide a Daily Log for your Builder, click the (+) button.

The Job Name will be displayed at the top, along with the creation date. Add in any Notes related to the project for that date.

By clicking Add Attachment, you will have the option to provide any Photos, Videos or Documents related to that specific Daily Log.

Click on the Photo, Video or Document you want to provide then select Done.

You will have the option to Annotate on the photo by clicking the paint brush icon. You can highlight, circle, or point out any details you need to for that photo.

Click Attach to add the Photo to the Log.

Once you have all information added properly, click the Save button. You will have a running list of Daily Logs for that job shown.

To edit, revise, or add onto, click the Log you created and then click the Edit button. You can add in more attachments, or update the Notes for the Log.

Towards the bottom of the Daily Log, you can Comment and create a related To-Do.

The list of Daily Logs created, you will have the ability to Filter by certain Keywords and a specific Date range, to locate any Logs you need to.

If you have any questions or require additional support, please feel free to send us an email: support@buildertrend.com, or give us a call at 1-888-415-7149. We’re always happy to help.

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