What is the Cost Catalog?

  • The Cost Catalog utilizes your Cost Codes to help you establish your company's standard pricing within Buildertrend. It can be used to compile a list of items that may have consistent unit pricing, markup, descriptions, and titles. It also helps eliminate unnecessary Cost Codes by grouping Cost Items under a single Cost Code. For example, most builders have a single cost code for Appliances, but they will create several catalog items such as Microwave, Refrigerator, and Dishwasher all under the parent code of Appliances. The catalog provides a way to branch out more specific product items without the need of overcomplicating your Cost Codes.

Where is it used?

  • The Cost Catalog can be accessed from several parts of the program. Wherever there is a line item container, you will be able to pull in items from the Cost Catalog, such as estimates, proposals, selections, change orders, purchase orders, and bills. For example, instead of having generic Cost Codes and filling in the descriptions for every item when building an estimate, the Cost Catalog can provide a more efficient way to import standard costs and descriptions. The catalog is ideal for products and services that do not change often, but are frequently used.

When can the Cost Catalog be implemented?

The Cost Catalog can be implemented once your Cost Codes are set up and set up correctly. If you are unsure how to set up your Cost Codes, please refer to the articles below:

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How is the Cost Catalog Setup?

  1. The Cost Catalog is located within Setup.

  2. From here, click the green New Cost Item button.

  3. Select a Cost Code from the drop down.

  4. Provide a Title that is a brief description of the item then enter a more detail in the Description of the item.

  5. Include the cost per unit that you will incur as the builder and also include the unit of measurement, such as square footage, hours, etc.

  6. If you have a specific markup for the item, switch the toggle on to Include Owner Price and apply the markup type that will automatically calculate the Owner Price.

  7. Select Save or Save & New to continue creating items.

Help Video:

🧰 Pro Tips:

  • Items you would like in your catalog can be mass imported through Excel with a specific formatting. If you would like assistance importing items into the Cost Catalog, feel free to set up a training with your Onboarding Specialist.

  • To update costs of Cost Items quickly, you can utilize the checked actions to update multiple items at once. From there, the cost of each selected item can be adjusted.

  • Updating prices that are tied to templates is a great way to maintain multiple features of the program. For example, it is common for production builders to develop estimate templates or sales proposal templates for different models of homes. When they update the pricing in their Cost Catalog, it will simultaneously update the template. This is a great way to ensure your template reflect the most up-to-date pricing.

  • When applying markups to Cost Items, you have four options to choose from. It is best to utilize either a % markup or a $/unit markup for items where the quantity frequently changes when building your estimate.

  • If the Owner Price toggle is not selected on the Cost Item, any Cost Items that are imported from the catalog can have their markup adjusted as needed. Using the Owner Price toggle forces the line item to use that markup.

  • The Quantity toggle locks the quantity to whatever the number is set to. We recommend not using the quantity toggle unless the quantity is always the same regardless of the circumstances. If using items that require square footage pricing for example, it is best to leave the quantity alone in the catalog and update it once it has been imported into the job.

The Cost Catalog is an extremely useful feature but does require some set up. Please reach out to our Customer Support team for any further questions regarding the Cost Catalog!

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