Allowances allow you to present a set amount to your customer that will help you get contracts signed quicker, as opposed to waiting for your customer to approve all job selections before signing the contract.

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Creating Allowances

An allowance allows the builder to setup how much is budgeted for the selection or a group of selections under one allowance. If a selection choice is made that differs from the allowance, this will adjust the Job Running Total.

An allowance can be created as a Shared or Single option.

  • Shared: A shared allowance allows the builder to link multiple selections to the allowance as well as utilize cost codes to create the allowance figure.

  • Single: A single allowance is a text field that allows the builder to enter in the amount that is budgeted for that one selection.

Access selection details by opening an existing selection or by creating a new selection.

For Shared allowances, switch the tab from Single to Shared. Select Add to create a new shared allowance (Edit the existing shared allowance).

Fill in the allowance details.

Select Save.


Within Selections, navigate to the Allowances tab.

Select New Allowance or select an existing Allowance.

Fill in the Allowance Details.

Select Save.

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