You have the ability to customize the experience of your trade partners, as well as customers within the selections feature. You can control the level of participation, going so far as allowing your customers and vendors to add choices to the selection.

Homeowner Collaboration:

Subcontractor Collaboration:

Vendor/Installer Participation

Within a Selection, under the participation tab, the builder can select which sub/vendors are vendors for the selection. With the selected Vendors, you can set if those vendors are able to Add/Edit Choices. This allows the selected vendors to reference/add choice information. The vendor can add choice details and cost information upon request, which only requires the builder to add the owner price information to open up for approval.

Vendors and Installers must be added on the Selection first, then they are able to be assigned to choices within the Selection Choice.

Customer Participation

Within a Selection, under the participation tab, you can adjust the customer permission on each selection to allow them to only Approve choices as well as Add/Edit Choices. Allowing the customer to Add/Edit Choices as well as approve choices will allow the customer to add choice information.

The customer can add choice details, which only requires you to add in your cost and the owner price. The customer will not have access to your internal cost. If your customer decides to move forward, they will then move on to the approval process.

Approving Choices

Approving a choice allows the customer to lock in the choice they want within the selection. When a choice has been approved, this will send a notification to you as well as inform any vendors or installers on the choice.

Once a choice has been approved, the choice is locked and will not be able to be altered. After a choice has been approved, the selection will show the difference between the choice and the associated allowance. You are able to manually approve these choices on behalf of the customer as well.

Customer Favorites

Favorites allow a choice to be bookmarked without actually approving the choice. This allows the customer to mark multiple choices they are interested in approving.

They will be able to see how pricing is affected if they approve these choices. The Projected Total with Favorites reflects what the new Job Running Total will be post approval of these choices. It will be less that the current Job Running Total if they do not meet their allowance. The Job Running Total will be higher if the customer exceeds their allowance amount.

This is a way for customer to approve multiple choices at once.

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