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A - C

Accept Payments Online

This is a setting within your Buildertrend account that enables you to pay trade partners and accept payments from clients. Setting up Online Payments is quick and easy.

Add Survey to Website

This is a button that allows you to choose and add a Survey to your website to help promote your positive client reviews.

Aging Invoice Report

This is a Report that provides an at-a-glance look at the overdue invoices across all jobs. You can view invoices that are 30, 60 and 90+ days past due.


Allowances are placeholders that can be integrated with the selections and estimating processes. They allow you to present a set dollar amount to your client that can be less than or exceed the allowance amount.

Attached Documents

With virtually every feature, you're able to attach Documents to help keep information organized by feature and readily accessible for you and your team.

Attached Photos

With virtually every feature, you're able to attach Photos to help keep images organized by feature and readily accessible for you and your team.

Attached Videos

With virtually every feature, you're able to attach Videos to help keep images organized by feature and readily accessible for you and your team.

Baseline View

When using the Scheduling feature, the Baseline View will display how far ahead or behind you are with your job and why.

Baseline vs. Actual Duration by Job

This is a Report that is generated within the Scheduling feature. This data can help you understand why you're falling behind on a project and where you're gaining ground.

Bid Packages

Bid packages exist within the Bids feature. Packages are created to organize your requests for pricing from trades and vendors. This allows you to organize your requests for price by trade, attach the corresponding plans and release the bid package just like you would with an email. Your trades will be able to access the documents and respond with a quote without logging into Buildertrend.


In this Financial feature, the term bid refers to a request for price from you to a trade partner or vendor. By using the Bids feature, you'll be able to submit electronic bid packages to groups of trades and vendors. Within each package, you should include all the necessary documentation and plans needed to receive a competitive bid. Any approved bid submissions will flow into your estimate.


Bills and Purchase Orders are financial tools that ensure all expenses are accounted for and included within your internal budget for each job.


During a Time Clock shift, team members can take a Break. This pauses the shift, allowing them to resume their shift once their break has ended.


This Financial feature allows you to see what your internal costs are in real-time. The Budget is automatically updated as you use Buildertrend's other financial tools.

Builder Cost

This is the internal cost to your company for financial items. These costs automatically show up within your Budget, providing a more automated report for the internal costing of your jobs.

Builder's Risk Insurance

Buildertrend partners with SilverStone Group, a HUB International company, to offer Builder's Risk Insurance, also known as BRI, within your Buildertrend account. This partnership will help streamline your risk insurance process.

Buildertrend Learning Academy

This is where you and your team can go to learn every aspect of the Buildertrend platform in an online, course-based format. The Buildertrend Learning Academy offers courses and content that are free to all Buildertrend users. The Learning Academy can be accessed with the same credentials used to access your Buildertrend account.

Buildertrend Marketplace

The Marketplace is a great resource to use to learn about Buildertrend's additional offerings. These offerings include additional training options, payment processing, additional apps and integrations.


Categories are organizational tools that can be created and managed within the Selections feature. Example categories include: Cabinets, Appliances, Plumbing Fixtures, etc.

Change Order Profit

This is a Report that helps monitor the profits that are made on change orders created within the Buildertrend platform.

Change Orders

This project management tool is used to record any out-of-scope customer requests. Change Orders can be created by you or requested by clients that are active within Buildertrend.


Checklists can be put together using the To-Do's feature. Checklist items created within To-Do's can be individually assigned to different team members or collectively assigned to one person.


Claim numbers can be assigned and tracked within the Warranty feature. Claim numbers can be automatically assigned based on previous claims associated with a job.

Clock In Users

When using the Time Clock feature, multiple users can be clocked in by a single team member at one time. This is a quick way to clock in a crew as their day begins.

Cluster Map

The Cluster Map can be found on the Sales side of the program under Lead Map and is a great tool that shows how many leads you have in a certain area. This will help you see where your company has a presence and where your untapped markets are located.


This Messaging feature is a communication tool that can be used in Buildertrend and functions similarly to text messaging. Comments are beneficial as they are documented for historical records within Buildertrend.

Compose New Message

This is a button within the Messages tool that functions similarly to standard emails and allows you to quickly send a message. Messages are beneficial as they are documented for historical records within Buildertrend.

Copy to Standalone Template

This is a button within your Job Details window that allows you to copy an existing job to a Template for future use. The information contained in the newly created template will be immediately available to import into any job.

Cost Catalog

Building off of your Cost Code structure, your Cost Catalog is a place where you can associate default costs with your cost codes. This works well if you have standard costs that you would like to pre-program into Buildertrend.

Cost Category

Cost Categories simply organize your cost codes. Each cost code you create can fall under the cost categories you make. Cost categories are organizational tools, whereas cost codes are figures you can tie to job costs.

Cost Code

Cost Codes are used to track financials and can be seen as the most basic element of your financial framework.

Cost Type

Cost Types are used to provide a more robust reporting experience by helping you quickly identify certain items in the estimate, as well as provide more insight to help improve margins in the future. Cost Types can also be used to quickly convert line items to Bid Packages and Allowances.

Current Weather

From your Buildertrend Summary page as well as within Daily Logs, accurate weather reports are important to keep documented. The weather information displayed and used in Buildertrend is based on the ZIP or postal code associated with each job. The weather information is pulled from Aeris Weather.

Custom Fields

In Buildertrend, Custom Fields are custom data points that you can create. Custom fields allow you to create a variety of different ways to track and generate reports specific to your company.

Customer Contacts

Customer Contacts are a collection of prospective customers, current customers and past customers. This information is stored within Buildertrend for historical records and future use.

D - F

Daily Log Count by User

This is a Report that displays how many Daily Logs have been posted by each user. It also allows you to generate the report by date, job, job group and the status of each job.

Daily Logs

Daily Logs are daily reports that record what happened on your job sites each day. Files can be attached, allowing you to document anything and everything.


The Documents feature is located under the Files tab and can be used to store files in Buildertrend. You can also attach documents within other features such as Daily Logs and To-Do's for file organization. Documents can be shared with your team and can be easily annotated for blueprint markups or required signatures.


Buildertrend's pro forma Estimating tool allows you to record your projected costs for each job. You can also generate a contract for your client and effectively job cost using your estimated data.

Estimated Cost vs. Actual Cost

This is a Report that allows you to see what your estimated costs are for your jobs compared to the actual costs you have entered in Buildertrend using Bills/POs.


Documents, Photos, and Videos are considered files in Buildertrend. All of these can be stored in folders that you create within the platform. You can also attach files to features such as Daily Logs and To-Do's.


Filters are your main reporting tool in Buildertrend and they allow you to tell the program which data points you would like to use when generating your reports. Filters can be used across many different features and can be customized in order for you and your team to generate the reports that mean the most to your company.

Flat Fee

Flat fees can be used when Estimating, job costing, and Invoicing if your company does not use Cost Codes to itemize expenses and invoices. It is best practice to utilize cost codes whenever possible, but there might be an occasion where creating a flat amount might prove to be useful.

Forward Email into Buildertrend

Emails can be Forwarded into Buildertrend using the Messages feature. This will allow you to store all emails within Buildertrend for easy reference and historical records.

G - I


This is a Schedule view that displays important schedule information as well as a physical representation of the schedule's workflow. This is the preferred view to utilize when establishing predecessors or linking schedule items together.

Give Feedback

This is a tab within Buildertrend that allows you to Submit Feedback and browse feedback submitted by other Buildertrend users. All feedback is actively monitored by Buildertrend's Product team and helps us improve the platform.

Global Documents

Located within the Documents feature, Global Documents is where you can store documents within Buildertrend without associating them with a specific job. These can be files such as company documents and trade agreements.


Many features within Buildertrend have a Grid View available. The grid view will assist with displaying information as well as reporting. Each grid can be customized allowing each team member to have their own unique grid display for each feature.

Help Center

You're here! The Help Center houses all Buildertrend articles focused on self-service. This allows you to get the answers to your Buildertrend questions as quickly as possible. For more comprehensive online learning, please visit the Buildertrend Learning Academy.


This is a view within the Selections feature and is a great place to develop and manage any Selections that are Dependent upon each other.


For many features such as Change Orders and Bills/POs, the option is available to manually enter an identification number or have it be automatically assigned upon saving. The ID# helps with organizing each feature.

Internal Notes

Within many features, there are places where notes can be added. The Internal Notes field is a text field that is designed to only be shared with your internal team and cannot be viewed by subs, vendors or homeowners.

Internal Users

This refers to your internal team and company employees. Internal Users can access features and job information from the web as well as the mobile app. Engaging your internal team with Buildertrend will help keep everyone on the same page and provide a single place to access all up-to-date job information.


The term invoice in Buildertrend is synonymous with Owner Invoices and refers to generating an amount of money that your customer must pay you. Invoices can be created in a variety of different ways and will help streamline your invoicing workflow.

J - L

Job Color

Located within the Job Details page of each job, the customizable Job Color will be displayed when viewing the Schedule with more than one job selected.

Job Details

Job Details are the most basic data points when creating a job. For example job title, job address, etc. Homeowner contact information and viewing access for the job can be managed here.

Job Group

This is an organizational and reporting tool within your Job Details window. Job Groups can be created in order to track which jobs are part of each development, which type of remodel they are, which type of specialty project, etc.

Job Information

This is a tab that can be accessed from the house icon located on your Buildertrend header. This tab opens the Job Details window.

Job Menu

This is your main menu for Creating Jobs, managing, and viewing all jobs. The Jobs Menu is located on the left side of the Summary page.

Job Name

This is the main job identifier given when Creating a New Job and is used throughout the platform.

Job Notes

This text field allows you to capture any additional information you would like to add to the Job Details.

Job Prefix

This is an identifier that can be customized within the Job Details window and is displayed on Change Orders, RFIs, Bills, Purchase Orders, PO Payments and Owner Invoices.

Job Price Summary

This is a financial breakdown that takes into account the current job running total. It adds in any approved Change Orders, as well as Allowances and approved Selection Choices. Ultimately, this calculates the total amount your customer must pay and why.

Job Running Total

This is the Contract Price of the job with any approved Change Orders, Allowances, and approved Selection Choices.

Job Type

This is the type of job that you are adding to Buildertrend when Creating a Job. For example new home, remodel, specialty or commercial. This will also be an available field and filter within the Jobs List tab.

Jobs List

Located within the house icon, the Jobs List is a reporting tool used to view numerous data points for multiple jobs at one time.

Jobs Map

This is a map that allows you to see what areas your company is currently building as well as where you built in the past. From here you can see where your projects are and where your company does not have an established presence.

Lead Activities

Managed by your salespeople, Lead Activities help record and document outreach to your lead opportunities.

Lead Activities by Salesperson

This is a Report that displays how many lead activities each salesperson had during a given timeframe.

Lead Activity Calendar

This is a sales calendar that displays the Lead Activities your salespeople have on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Lead Count by Salesperson

This is a Report that displays the number of leads each salesperson has.

Lead Map

This is a map of your leads within the Sales tab that allows you to see which areas your company has an established presence and where you have not yet acquired any leads.

Lead Opportunities

These are the leads you have within Buildertrend. A Lead Opportunity contains all Activities, Proposals, and other vital information.

Lead Proposals

Similar to estimates, this pro forma Proposal tool allows you to record your projected costs for the lead and generate a design agreement/contract for the prospect.

Lead Status by Source

This is a Report that displays which source each lead came from allowing you to see which source is generating the most leads for your sales pipeline.

Line Items

These are detailed financial data points that allow you to use your cost codes to associate cost and price. Line items are commonly used for Estimating, recording Change Orders, and Invoicing.

Linked Jobs

When managing multiple jobs for a customer, you're able to link jobs together to ensure they can access multiple jobs from their Customer Portal.

List View

This is a view within the Selections and Schedule features that displays information in a grid-like format.


This is a view within the Selections feature that allows you to see selection choices organized by location.

M - O

Message Inbox

This is the Messages dashboard that displays messages that have been sent and received.


This is Buildertrend's email tracking feature. Messages sent from Buildertrend will be sent to the recipient's email address. When they respond, the email will be sent to the sender's email address and logged in the Messages feature.

Most Recent Comments

This is a widget located on the Summary page that displays the most recent comments made on your jobs and Buildertrend account.

Most Recent Daily Logs

This is a widget located on the Summary page that displays the most recent Daily Logs added to your jobs and Buildertrend account.

My User Preferences

This is an area of the platform that allows you to adjust your username and password, set up calendar feeds for your iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook and upload an email signature for the Messages feature.

New Claim

New claims can be tracked within the Warranty feature. Claims can be created internally, or by clients who are active within Buildertrend.

Revised Costs

In Buildertrend, Revised Costs (formerly called New Expected) means the new expected or working budget for each job. This only becomes available in your Estimate and Budget tabs after the job estimate has been approved. Revised Costs allows you to track your estimated costs against your revised costs for each job and forecast any budget updates before expenses are added.

New Folder

Creating folders will help organize your files. The new folder button is located within the Documents, Photos, and Videos tabs.

New Job From Scratch

This option allows you to Create a Job completely from scratch. This means that the job will have no existing data associated with it.

New Job From Template

This option allows you to Create a Job by selecting a Template. Starting a job from a template means you will have pre-filled data to work from instead of building one from scratch.

Notification History

This Messaging feature allows you to see what email Notifications are being sent from Buildertrend and when. This feature is only available to administrators.

Online Payment Report

Located in the Financial tab, this report contains all online payment-related information. The Online Payment Report allows you to view the status of each online payment and other important data.

Owner Activation

With Buildertrend, you can choose to invite your clients to participate in their project or build with their own Customer Portal. This allows them to engage with you through Buildertrend. Owner Activation can be emailed directly to the customer or set up manually.

Owner Cost

Separate from your own internal budgeted costs, the Owner Cost is what you will be Invoicing your customer. The Owner Cost is your Builder Cost plus any markup.

Owner Information

When creating a lead or a job, you can use Owner Information to capture all Customer Contact information and ensure it's all contained within Buildertrend for easy reference.

Owner Invoices

This Financial feature ensures your client is aware of when they need to make payments to you. Owner Invoices will help you and your client manage what has been paid and what payments remain.

Owner Notification Preferences

These are preferences that can be set in order to allow your client to receive notifications through their desired mediums such as emails, texts and push notifications from the mobile app.

Owner Options

These are a series of options that can be customized to create a unique experience for your client should you decide to engage with them through Buildertrend. These options directly impact the display and functionality the customer has when utilizing their Customer Portal.

P - R

Pending/Recent Change Order Activity

This is a widget located on the Summary page that displays the most recent change order activities such as approvals and status updates that have been added to your job or Buildertrend account.


Phases in Buildertrend allow you to group Schedule items and associate your different schedule items with a specific phase such as pre-construction, foundation, framing, rough-ins, etc.

Phases List

The Phases List is a Schedule view that focuses on breaking down your schedule by phase. This allows you an easier way to see progress broken down by phase.


Photos can be added to Buildertrend from the Files tab or you can attach them within other features such as Daily Logs and To-Do's to keep all your files organized. Photos can be shared with your team, clients and subs to record progress, deliveries, issues, etc.

PO Payments

This is a tab located within each Purchase Order. It allows you to create payments and see what has been paid toward each purchase order.


Schedule items that are dependent upon other schedule items can be linked together within the Schedule feature. This allows you to move linked schedule items automatically when updates are made to the timeline.

Projected Completion

Within Job Details, a projected completion date can be created. This field helps track when you anticipate your job will be completed and can be compared to the actual completion date of the job.

Projected Start

Within Job Details, a projected start date can be created. This field helps track when you anticipate your job will start and can be compared to the actual start date of the job.

Proposal Templates

Lead Proposals can be templated within the Sales side of the platform. Proposal Templates contain information that can be used on any lead. This allows you to import existing proposal information as opposed to drafting proposals from scratch with each new lead.


From the Sales side of the platform, Lead Proposals are your design agreement sent to your client. However, they can also be used as the actual contract sent to your client depending on your company workflow.

Receivables by Job

This is a Report that displays a comparison of the total amount you have invoiced your customer and the amount that they have actually paid.


Buildertrend has built-in reports that automatically update as your team uses Buildertrend. These Reports offer ways to visualize your data within the platform.


RFI stands for Request for Information. This Messaging feature handles important job questions that require an official answer. RFIs allow you to document the entire process and store the conversation for future reference.

S - U


The Schedule is the backbone of Buildertrend. This project management tool is where the job schedule can be built and utilized by your internal team, active subs and vendors and clients who are active within Buildertrend.

Schedule Items

These are the events that have been created within the Schedule feature.

Schedule Percent Complete By Job

This is a Report that displays the percentage of job completion based on where you're currently at on the job and the total job duration.


The Selections feature is a customizable project management tool that allows you to present different options to your customer and manage what choices are approved internally.


The Setup tab is an administrative portion of the platform that allows administrators to manage account-wide settings, features and integration defaults. Administrators can also use the Setup tab to create Custom Data Points for reporting.

Shifts Map

The Shifts Map is a tool that displays where your team is clocking in and out when using location tracking within the Time Clock feature.


This is a term in Buildertrend that refers to the progress of an item. Whether it's what stage a Lead Opportunity is in or whether a Change Order has been approved, the status of an item keeps your team informed of the progress.


Subs and Vendors can be added to the platform for you to use internally, but they can activate their own free account as well. This will allow them to actively work with you through Buildertrend. You can manually add your subs and vendors, or you can send our support team a list with their information, and we can import the data into Buildertrend for you.

Sub/Vendor Notes

With many features, there are sections where notes can be added. The Sub/Vendor Notes field is a text field that is designed to only be shared with your active trade partners assigned to that specific feature.

Summary View

The Summary page is the initial landing page that is displayed when you log in to your Buildertrend account. It provides quick access to the information you need and is available on the web version of Buildertrend and the Mobile Application.


This Messaging feature can be created, customized and sent to your customer at any time from within Buildertrend. Your Survey results can then be sent to your website to promote your good reviews.

Sync Schedule

When integrated with QuickBooks Desktop, information will be exchanged between Buildertrend and QuickBooks after the web connector has been run. This will run automatically every two hours, but you can run a manual sync by going to the gear icon in the top right of your Buildertrend screen. From there you can select Sync Schedule and request a sync. Once the web connector runs, information will be exchanged between the two platforms.


With virtually every feature in Buildertrend, Tags provide a quick way to create additional reporting. Tags can be set up and Customized for each feature, which will help you create custom reporting options for your company.


Templates contain information that can be used when creating a new job or when importing into an active job. Templates allow you to utilize existing information when managing your jobs as opposed to creating new information for every job.

Templates Menu

The Templates Menu is where you can create and manage the templates you've created. Templates can be created from scratch or copied directly from an existing job. All templates can be accessed and adjusted within the Templates Menu.

Time Clock

Time Clock is Buildertrend's time tracking feature. This is a project management tool that active users can use to clock in and out. The Time Clock feature will help identify where company time is being spent. This feature is accompanied by GPS to display where users are clocking in and clocking out from to ensure your team is on the job site.


These are the tasks that complement your job schedule. Items in your schedule can be viewed as the "big" picture items, whereas To-Dos are the Project Management tool to use when creating checklists, punch-lists, or any other action items that need to be documented/completed in order for your schedule items to be finished on time.

V - Z

Variance PO

Variance purchase orders are a Financial feature used to record any unplanned expenses. Change Orders are examples of client variances. Any unexpected costs that you must cover are recorded as builder variances. Creating variance Purchase Orders will allow you to see why you're making these unplanned expenses and will offer more detailed insights when job costing.


The Videos tool is located within the Files tab. Videos can be stored in Buildertrend or attached to other features such as Daily Logs and To-Do's in order to keep all of your files organized. Videos can be shared with your team, clients and subs to record progress, deliveries, issues, etc.

Warranty Alerts

These are notifications informing you and your team of any new warranties and any upcoming Warranty appointments.


These are located on your mobile app's main Summary screen and can be customized to provide quick access to information. Mobile widgets allow you to see what's happening within your Buildertrend account.

Workday Exception

These are created for occasions when your team needs to work on a non-typical workday or you need to add a non-work day, such as a holiday, to your Schedule.


These are your standard days that work can be done. Monday through Friday and Monday through Saturday schedules are typical and the set workdays can be established from Job to Job. Occasions may arise where your team needs to work on an atypical workday. This can be done by creating a workday exception within the Schedule feature.

Work in Progress Reports

These are the most comprehensive financial Reports within the Buildertrend platform. These reports allow you to check the financial health of your jobs by identifying your current costs and billing statuses. The Work in Progress - Cash Report and the Work in Progress - Accrual Report will ensure your jobs are on track.

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