The age-old question: QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online? Which one is right for your business? Now, we’ve got your answer to this question – and so much more.

Q: Is QuickBooks Online right for construction companies?

A: Yes. QuickBooks Online has come a long way. The beauty of QuickBooks Online versus QuickBooks Desktop is that it's constantly evolving to bring you an improved product on a regular basis. The product improves daily.

Q: Can I get job cost reports out of QuickBooks Online?

A: Yes. The reports are different from what you might be used to in QuickBooks Desktop, but generally, they’re more dynamic.

QuickBooks Online reports are three-dimensional vs. QuickBooks Desktop being two-dimensional. You can slice and dice QuickBooks Online reports much more dynamically and along more dimensions. The key to good reporting in QuickBooks Online is understanding how to use the custom filters and the relationship between your Products (labeled as Cost Codes in Buildertrend) and your Chart of Accounts.

If it's all set up properly, the combination of Buildertrend and QuickBooks Online provides gives you more dimensions, and more flexibility, and more power into your reporting.

Q: How does QuickBooks Online save me time?

A: Through a cloud-based integration, job costs entered into Buildertrend automatically populate into QuickBooks Online in real-time. Then, when the bill is paid, QuickBooks Online sends that information back to Buildertrend in real-time, too. Say goodbye to duplicate entry. This link works for other items like owner invoices and new customers as well.

Aside from Buildertrend syncing, QuickBooks Online comes equipped with other features that save hours and hours of overtime. Real-time bank transaction matching and bank reconciliations are one of those features. Payroll is another functionally where integrations with QuickBooks Online save major time and prevent costly mistakes. In short, QuickBooks Online integrates brilliantly and directly with a host of payroll providers.

Q: Does it take a lot of work to switch to QuickBooks Online?

A: Nope. With QuickBooks' import features you'll be converted over to QBO in no time. Learn how

Q: Will the change to QuickBooks Online impede my team’s current processes?

A: QuickBooks Online’s revamped look and feel has most of the same functionality as QuickBooks Desktop, with improved capabilities to keep you on top of your workflow.

Plus, QuickBooks Online is always updated with new features that streamline processes like writing checks, paying vendors, collecting payments, reporting and more. It’s important to note that it may take a minute to adjust to the differences between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. However, those differences were all made with improvements in mind.

Q: Will QuickBooks Online load slow?

A: It used to be – but not anymore. The program is much faster than it was 10 years ago.

An expert QuickBooks Online operator with a good internet connection will complete tasks as fast or faster than an expert QuickBooks Desktop operator, easily – especially if the QuickBooks Desktop operator is working remotely and has to login to the desktop using a remote server.

If you’re integrating other technology with QuickBooks online (like Buildertrend!), the time savings can be immense.

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