Utilizing Job Groups is an absolute must for a builder of any type or size. Job groups are the key to unlocking the full potential of reporting and viewing your projects the way your organization operates.

Job groups can be created by grouping together jobs with similar attributes.

If you’re a new home builder, you might track jobs by development or neighborhood. In which case, you could create a job group for all the jobs under a certain development name like Contour Construction Development. 

If you’re a remodeler, you might track jobs by names like kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel. This way when you go to view your reporting, your schedule or other features in Buildertrend, you can drill down and only see those jobs.

To create a Job Group, follow these steps:

  1. Select the job you want in your Jobs Menu and go to the job details by selecting the lowercase i icon. Next to the Job Group drop-down box, you will see the Add button. Click it.

2. This will pull up the New Job Group window where you will name your job group. Once named, hit Save.

3. Back on your Job Details page, using the Job Group drop-down box, select the job group you just created and click Save. If you want, you can choose to select multiple job groups here.

Once you have created your job groups, you can utilize the filter function (the funnel-shaped icon) to track and report on each group.

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