From organizing specific job information to viewing everything you have going on across all jobs; Buildertrend's mobile app has you covered. This video will help you learn the basics about navigating Buildertrend's mobile application.

After logging in, you will initially be on the Summary page. The Summary allows you to see and navigate all features very quickly.

The Summary screen can be customized by tapping the Customize button located at the bottom of the Summary.

From here, you can enable/disable any features, as well as control the ordering of the features. This allows you to customize what you see when logged into the mobile application. Your layout here will not effect any other Internal User's mobile experience.

The Activity Feed allows you to see recent events that have occurred, such as an approval being made, or a new file that has been uploaded, etc.

An important aspect of Buildertrend is that you have the ability to see information across all jobs/multiple jobs, as well as work within a specific job. By tapping the top of the Buildertrend application, you can select the job you would like to work within, as well as select all jobs.

From here, you can select a specific job, or view all jobs at the bottom.

At the bottom of the mobile application, you can quickly navigate to the Home page (Summary), the Schedule, Time Clock, and Daily Logs features.

Tapping the More option in the bottom right will allow you to access more Buildertrend features.

Within the Discover drawer, you can access the Help Center, provide Feedback, as well as Contact Buildertrend Support.

From the My Account drawer, you can select Settings to view additional information.

Within Settings, you can add your company logo to your device's home screen for a more custom experience.

Help Video:

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