There isn't a good way to store text messages, and emails can easily be misplaced. By organically texting through Buildertrend using our Commenting feature, every discussion will be logged.

This same premise is true when using the Messages feature. When a message is sent, it acts just like an email. Once sent, all correspondence from that point forward will be stored in Buildertrend, keeping the entire email chain logged for reference.

Start by navigating to More, then open the Messaging Drawer.

Messages act very similar to email. Emails can be tracked using this feature. You can forward external emails into Buildertrend by tapping the Ellipses in the top right.

Messages can be composed using the icon in the bottom right.

From here, the Message acts very similar to email and is organized within the job you have selected.

Comments can be viewed easily, as well. If you do not have a job selected, all Comments will be displayed. By selecting a job, only Comments related to the selected job will be displayed.

Typically, you will be using a feature when the need to leave a Comment arises. At the bottom of each entity, a Comment can be added. The below screenshot is from within a To-Do, for example.

Talk to text can be utilized to quickly add the Comment. Owners and Subs/Vendors actively using Buildertrend can be notified of the Comment, as well.

If a Comment has already been added, tap the Comment section to read the Comments.

At this point, depending on your permissions, Comments can be adjusted by tapping the Comment should the need arise.

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