This article will outline the requirements for using this functionality when connected with Chase. 

Getting your trades paid can take a significant amount of time, and the process can be challenging when you have multiple jobs going on at the same time. However, when you've integrated with Buildertrend Payment Processing powered by Chase, you can get this task done faster and with fewer clicks. 

The purpose of the added functionality is to allow builders to pay multiple Purchase Order or Bills that are assigned to the same subcontractor while avoiding multiple transaction fees per PO/Bill payment.

This feature will benefit our builders who create Purchase Orders or Bills and pay them in full across multiple jobs that are assigned to the same subcontractor. 

Please Note: The Subcontractor is required to absorb the transaction fee, and it can't be incurred by the builder going forward. 

The current fee for a subcontractor is $1.99 per $10,000 for ACH. 

As an example, if a builder had been making individual payments to a single sub across 8 different jobs prior to this added functionality it would cost $15.92 in total transaction fees. 

Now, with mass pay options available, if the builder batches the same 8 payments into one transaction the sub will only pay $1.99. (ACH transactions only)

By having the subcontractor pay the transaction fee, it alleviates reconciliation confusion when looking at your trade payments in QuickBooks or Xero.

 What makes a Purchase Order eligible for Mass Pay?

  • Purchase Orders must be in approved status

  • Purchase Orders can only be paid in full. 

  • Partial payments are not currently available with this added functionality.

  • The subcontractor must have active status in Buildertrend 

  • The Purchase Order can’t have scheduled payments with saved payment amounts. 

  • The Purchase Order can’t have payments billed to QB. 

  • Can’t have validation errors with QuickBooks or Xero

  • PO Payment Can NOT have any required custom fields.

What makes a Bill eligible for Mass Pay?

  • The subcontractor has to be added to the job.

  • The subcontractor must have a valid email address associated with their profile within Buildertrend. 

  • Can’t have validation errors with QuickBooks or Xero

If you're attempting to process payments in mass and are unable to complete the action you should determine if the Bill or Purchase Orders meets the requirements listed above. 

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