Yes, you can edit cost codes on a Bill or Purchase Order, but only with the correct permissions. The Bill or Purchase Order also needs to be in the correct status to allow the edit option to be available.  

What permissions do you need to edit Cost Codes on Bills and Purchase Orders? 

Bills/Purchase Order EDIT permission 

Bills/Purchase Order - Cost/Price Viewing permission

These permissions will apply to the following Buildertrend preset role permissions.  

Full Admin
Project Manager
Office Manager
Purchasing Coordinator
Selections Coordinator
Project Estimator

When can a Bill/PO cost code be edited?

Purchase Orders:  

Upon Creation

Upon Save

Saved & Released (pending)

Internally Approved

Work Completed & Internally Approved

Internally Approved and Payment Created

Internally Approved and Payment Made (sent to QuickBooks/Xero)  
       *Only on a line item/s without payment

Internally Approved and Payment Made (Not sent to accounting)
       *Can only edit if NOT sent to QuickBooks/Xero

Sub Approved

Sub Approved and Work Complete

Sub Approved and Payment Made – Can edit if not sent to QuickBooks/Xero

Sub Approved and Payment Created


Bill Saved

Bill Paid and not sent to QuickBooks/Xero

How will the edit of the cost code impact my Purchase Order Payment and Budget?

When a cost code is edited under the above mentioned conditions it will also flow to the corresponding Purchase Order Payment and Budget under these conditions:

If a Purchase Order Payment was created on the Purchase Order and it was NOT sent to QuickBooks/Xero, when the Cost Code is edited, that update will push to the Purchase Order Payment and reflect on the corresponding line item upon SAVE.

When a Bill or Purchase Order cost code is edited it will reflect in the Budget upon SAVE.

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