Using cost codes with each time shift will add additional detail to each time shift. This information can easily feed into the budget, which allows you to see labor costs within your budget.

Budget Integration

In order to enable costing information from time clock to feed into the budget, you will need to enable this feature within Setup. Once in Setup, navigate Bills/POs/Budget.

Budget Settings will allow you to Include Time Clock Labor in Budget on New Jobs. You have the ability to Update Existing Jobs as well. You also have the option to Include Time Clock Labor in Total Costs and Paid Columns on Budget for New Jobs. This allows time clock information to have an effect on additional columns within the budget.

Tracking Time By User vs. Cost Code

When setting up the Time Clock feature in Buildertrend, you have the option to toggle your settings to track labor information by user or by cost code. This can be adjusted within Setup and navigating to Time Clock.

Tracking time by user will allow you to offer a different rate of pay to each employee. Tracking time by cost code will allow you to offer a different rate of pay based on the task or activity being performed.

If tracking time by User, you will need to set the Default Labor Cost for each employee. This can be found within the internal user's profile in the Preferences tab. Once this has been set, the time this user is clocked in will now begin tracking the Default Labor Cost multiplied by the hours they are clocked in.

If tracking time by Cost Code, you are able to set a Default Labor Cost with each cost code. You can set up each rate by going to Setup then Cost Codes. Select a cost code to set the Default Labor Cost. You will need to click into each code individually to establish the unique rates of pay.

Additional Tracking Information

If you choose to to track By User, you should still have your employees clock in using cost codes that correspond with the work they are doing, even though rates are not applied per code. This will allow you to track your labor costs properly within your Budget.

You can also set a default code for each employee. This can be used even if you track labor by user. This is intended for employees who should always be clocking into the same code for each shift.

If you don't set a default code for each employee, when the employee clocks in, it will auto populate Buildertrend Flat Rate and this default cost code lacks detail. This can be problematic if the employee forgets to change the cost code when clocking in. This could also cause incorrect totals within your Budget. Avoid using this cost code if possible.

Viewing the Budget

When viewing your Budget, you can expand your cost codes to reveal additional information.

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