When users clock in or out, a location pin will be dropped. This works for both desktop and mobile application. Users will need to allow Buildertrend to track their location in order for the pin to drop. If a user has denied Buildertrend's access to this information, the pin will not be dropped but the shift will still be recorded.

Location Tracking

Please note: Buildertrend will only access the location of a user when clocking in and when clocking out.

Setting Up a Geofence

Setting a geofence will allow you to see who is clocking in or out away from the job site. You can receive notifications when a user clocks in or out from somewhere other than the job site. The settings for geofencing are available within your setup options under Time Clock. The geofencing setup options are located at the bottom of the page.

From here, you can set your Radius. You can select miles or kilometers as well as set a default distance from the four distances provided. The selected radius applies to all jobs.

You also have the option to default this feature for all future jobs.

You do have the option to turn geofencing on or off for each job. This setting can be located within Job Details for an individual job. The setting can be found in the Options tab.

You must enter the correct address when creating a job to ensure geofencing works correctly.

In some cases, the location pin for a job may be incorrectly positioned upon entry. You have the option to adjust the pin by clicking on it to ensure your radius is correctly mapped.

Require Location

With the radius set, you will need to turn on the Geofencing permissions for each internal user. This can be found within the internal user's profile inside the Preferences tab.

When this feature is turned on, it forces the user to turn on their GPS and allow Buildertrend to access their location before they can clock in or out. Users with this feature enabled are unable to clock in or out without providing a location.

Overriding an Out of Bounds Shift

In some cases, users will need to clock outside the set radius. Based on your permissions, you may be allowed to override shifts that are marked as out of bounds. The override permission is included with Review & Approve User Shifts.

Select a shift that is out of bounds. Select Override. By overriding an out-of-bounds shift, this will remove the Out of Bounds classification from the user's time card. This action cannot be undone.


When a user clocks in or out outside the geofence, designated admins or managers can receive a notification. This can be enabled within an internal user's profile in the Notifications tab. Buildertrend does not send a notification to users if they are clocking in or out of the designated radius.

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