One of the most valuable benefits of using Buildertrend is that you now have the ability to keep a detailed report of everything that is happening on your projects.  

Using Daily Logs is also incredibly easy and should be one of the first features you and your team begin using. However, if you don't know what you should be recording on your Daily Logs, you may find it hard to see value immediately.

Here are just a few suggestions of what you and your team should record on your Daily Logs:

  • Labor hours

  • Materials & equipment

  • Injuries & safety notes

  • Weather conditions

  • Subcontractor information  

Next, let's review some of the benefits of using Daily Logs.

  • Increased efficiency 

  • Decreased operating costs

  • Optimized workflows

  • Improved accuracy of collected data

  • Track work progress 

  • Having an archive of all job site progress

Most importantly your team will gain a sense of organization and increased communication.  

Help Video:

The weather information is reported from the ZIP/postal code that is associated with your job, and comes from Aeris Weather.

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