Tired of manually recording your weekly time sheets in QuickBooks? Take a moment to read how using Buildertrend's Time Clock integration with QuickBooks Online can save you time.

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Setup Options

To access preferences regarding the Time Clock integration with your QuickBooks weekly time sheets, begin by navigating to your Setup tab.

Once in Setup, navigate to the Accounting tab at the bottom.

Under Time Clock Options, you can default the option to Create a New QuickBooks Time Activity from a Time Clock Shift when Approved.

When defaulted on, this means that whenever a shift is approved it will automatically be sent to QuickBooks.

If defaulted off, you are still able to approve shifts, but you will need to manually send the shift to QuickBooks.

User Permissions

Users can have customized access to the Time Clock feature. Based on the user's permissions, functionality can be enabled or restricted. To access a user's profile, select Internal Users from the silhouette in the top right.

Select a user and then navigate to the Permissions tab.

Within the Project Management section are the permissions corresponding to the Time Clock feature.

Users can have access to View their shifts, Add time clock shifts, Edit shift times and information and Delete time clock shifts.

Some additional options enable the user to view other user time sheets, adjust other user time sheets and review and approve user shifts. These additional permissions should be enabled for management to have the full functionality of the feature.

Linking Users to QuickBooks Employees

Once a user's permissions have been properly set, navigate to the Accounting tab within an internal user's profile. Select Link with QuickBooks.

Select the employee to establish the link. Please note, the employee must be manually created within QuickBooks in order to appear in the QuickBooks Employee dropdown in the screenshot below. Select Save to complete the action and establish the link.

Approving Shifts

When user's clock in and out, their shift information will be recorded. Users on the account that have the review and approve user shifts permission have the ability to approve user shifts, which validates their hours and may also send the time information to QuickBooks depending on your preferences within Setup.

Go to the Time Clock feature under the Project Management header at the top, and then select a time shift. You can approve the shift using the Save and Approve button at the top.

You have the ability to approve multiple shifts at once by selecting the check boxes corresponding to each shift.

Once shifts have been selected, you can approve them using your Checked Actions dropdown to the right. It is here you will also find the ability to send shifts to QuickBooks if you do not have the setup preference enabled to automatically send shifts on approval. For more information on setup preferences, please click HERE.

You can see which shifts have been sent to QuickBooks from the green QB logo within the Quickbooks Column of your Time Clock grid.

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