Setting up the ability to make payments online using Buildertrend's integration with Chase is very simple to do and will help you pay invoices that have been sent to you.

To begin, you must first set up your payment method. Navigate to the gear icon in the top right and select Setup.

In the middle of the page, click Add New Payment Method.

From here, create a name for the payment method, and then select the payment type. At this point, follow the prompts to verify your payment method.

Setting up payment methods vary between ACH and Credit Cards. Continue to learn how to set up each.

Credit Card


Credit Card

For Credit Cards, the credit card option will take you to a screen to enter your information.

After entering in your information, you will be asked to enter your email. After doing so, hit confirm.

After confirming, you will be taken to the setup screen of your Buildertrend account where you will see your saved banking information. You have now successfully set up your account.

Credit Card Help Video:


For ACH, select E-Check and click Next.

After setting up a bank account, the payment verification process will begin.

ACH - Plaid

Buildertrend utilizes Plaid to verify ACH payments instantly. Consider using Plaid, which works with 94% of all banks. Payment methods must be verified in order to transact. There are two options that Buildertrend provides to verify and secure your bank account for making payments online.

The first option requires entering your bank account and bank routing information manually. After doing so, two small deposits are posted into your bank account and an email is sent for you to complete. Inside the email, you will be asked to enter the exact deposit amount into a form. This process is known as micro deposit verification.

Verifying micro deposits is a banking industry norm when using an online payment system. The process is slow and relies on waiting for the deposits to post in the account before the payment can be sent to the recipient.

To expedite the verification of bank accounts for online transacting, Plaid was developed. Plaid is a third-party bank account verification tool utilized by thousands of online merchants across the United States, Canada, & Europe.

Instead of waiting days to make a payment, with Plaid it only takes a few seconds and is completely secure. Buildertrend does not store bank login information inside the program.

Click Continue to proceed with Plaid, or click here to learn how to manually enter your bank information.

Select your bank.

From here, enter your login credentials. This connection is encrypted and secure.

After entering your login credentials, choose which account you’d like to utilize for Online Payments.

Enter your name and email. Click Authorize Account when finished.

Next, approve Buildertrend to continue.

You have now successfully set up your account.

ACH - Plaid Help Video:

ACH - Manual

If you would like to enter your banking information manually, click the prompt underneath Continue.

After choosing to manually enter bank information, fill out the appropriate fields. Be sure to fill out all information accurately, including the type of bank account.

After entering your bank information, you will see that two small deposits will appear in the account within 1-2 business days. You will also receive the email to submit these deposits immediately. Once the deposits have posted, return to the email and submit the exact amounts. They will be for amounts between $.01 & $.20.

Keep in mind the micro deposit process can be bypassed by using Plaid.

Give one final confirmation and pay attention to the micro deposit message. Payments will not be released until after the micro deposits have been submitted to verify the bank account. Approve Buildertrend to continue.

Sample micro deposit email:

After successfully setting up your account, you should see the bank account listed under payment methods of the setup.

ACH Manual Set Up Help Video:

If you have any questions or require additional support, please feel free to send us an email:, or give us a call at 1-888-415-7149. We’re always happy to help.

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