Utilizing the Budget feature, you are able to see a snapshot of your costs for the selected job as well as across all jobs. From the information contained within the budget, there are a variety of different reports built into the system that you can toggle between.

First, select the job on the left of your screen. Next, click the Financial tab and select Budget.

Towards the right, you will be able to see a dropdown arrow that provides different reporting options.

Select the report you wish to view and you will see all information in the far right column related.

For example, by clicking on the Estimates vs. Revised Costs report, you can see what your original scope of work looked like compared to your revised costs column.

Budget report options:

  • Estimates vs. Revised Costs

  • Estimates vs. Total Costs

  • Revised Costs vs. Total Costs

  • Estimates vs. Total Bill/PO Cost

  • Revised Costs vs. Total Bill/PO Cost

  • Labor vs. Total Costs

  • Estimates vs. Labor

  • Revised Costs vs. Labor

  • Estimates vs. Paid

  • Revised Costs vs. Paid

There are options to simplify the data you would like to view in your Budget reports. The information you review is all based off of how your cost codes are setup.

By clicking the arrow to the left of each Cost Category, you are able to collapse the cost code data, and you can run a report based off of each Category.

By clicking Export, you will be able to view any report in Excel to review.

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