Job costing is an extremely important aspect of any build, but at times, tracking costs outside of your original scope of work can be difficult. Utilizing Buildertrend's Variance PO process can help track costs that were directly reflected by unforeseen occurrences.

First step will be to locate your current Variance codes in your account. Navigate to the cog wheel in the top right corner and click Setup.

Next, click on Cost Codes.

You can use the Variance codes provided and you can also revise or update from this section.

Builder Variances

A Builder Variance Bill/PO can be any expense tracked separately as an unforeseen occurrence.

Theft, material damage, price change are just a few examples of unforeseen occurrences that can happen on a job site. Builder Variance Bills/POs are something you plan to track separately from your original costs, without offsetting the amount to your customer.

To start, click into the Financial section and click the (+) next to Bills/POs to create.

Update your Bill Title, the Pay To section, and any Description information.

Scroll down on the Bill and click on the Mark as Variance check box. Once checked, you will have the option to mark the entire Bill/PO as a Variance or you can also track on a line item by line item basis.

Once all information has been updated on the Variance Bill/PO, click Save.

Click back into your Budget under the Financial header to view the separate costs.

You are now able to see the $5,000 Variance cost reflected under the Builder Variance column in your Budget. The original anticipated cost of $10,000 is reflected under the Bills/POs column.

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