Your Budget is a powerful resource that is generated and maintained simply by utilizing Buildertrend's other financial features.

From planned expenses to variances that occur with every job, all internal costs are tracked in order to ensure nothing is missed during a build.

To view your budget, scroll to the Financial section and click Budget.

One of the most important steps to remember when setting up an accurate budget, ensure you have a complete and up-to-date Cost Code and Cost Category list in your account. This will be crucial for accurate job cost tracking on a job-by-job basis to see what your company is spending and why.

On the left, you can see a breakdown of your cost codes. They will be organized by cost category.

All financial figures will be pulled directly from the Estimate. So as you build out an estimate, those line items and costs will feed into the budget.

The Estimates column will reflect the estimated numbers.

It is a best practice recommendation to lock your estimate once fully created. By locking the estimate, you will be able to see an additional column in your budget titled, Revised Costs.

This will allow you to lock in your estimated totals, but still have a working budget to see how accurate you are estimating on the job. You can compare the estimate numbers with the revised costs column - which can be updated for accurate job cost tracking.

The next column, Bills/POs, is the section for tracking your actuals that come in.

Refer to this area as your in-scope costs. From the material receipts and vendor invoices you start to collect, you can create bills and purchase orders to reflect the amounts spent.

Once you begin to create your bills and purchase orders, the amounts will be reflected in this column.

For those that are utilizing the time clock feature, you will have the option to see that information reflected in your budget.

The Time Clock Labor column will display your labor costs that have been tracked by each shift.

The Total Bill/PO Cost column, is the cost of all of your Bills and Purchase Orders plus any builder variances.

The Total Costs column will display everything that has been added up - Bill/POs, Builder Variance, Customer Variance and the Time Clock Labor section (If being utilized in your budget).

Next, the Paid column will provide details on what has been paid for that cost code.

The Outstanding column, will display how much is left to be paid.

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