By using the mobile application to scan receipts, you will ensure that your team has all receipts uploaded to Buildertrend before they get lost. 

Using the Scan Receipt option when adding a Bill/PO on the mobile application will allow you to easily scan a receipt and automatically generate a Bill with a PDF of the scanned receipt(s) attached.

By tapping the Plus icon in the top right of the Summary screen, you will have the Scan Receipt option.

You will need to select a job, if you have not already. Then you will need to hold your device in front of the receipt to begin scanning. Receipt scanning, similar to document scanning, is an automatic process. You can tap the blue circle at the bottom to manually capture the scan. The corners can be adjusted by tapping the corner and dragging.

Once the receipt has been scanned, select Done in the top right.

You will be able to adjust the name of the PDF at this time.

The title of the Bill will automatically populate as Scanned Receipt. You can rename the Bill at any time. You are able to record who you are paying as well using the Pay To field.

By scrolling further down, you will notice the attached PDF as well as the option to select Flat Fee or Line Items depending on the amount of costing detail you desire. Flat Fee is automatically defaulted when scanning receipts.

If toggled to Line Items, you will be able to select a cost code for more accurate job costing. This will allow you to break up costs associated with this Bill as well as itemize the Bill.

Once a cost code has been selected, you are able to input other costing information, such as Unit Cost and Quantity. Click Apply to add the costing information.

With the Title renamed, the appropriate Pay To assigned and the appropriate costing information broken down, tap Save in the top right to save the information. The Bill is now recorded in the program.

You also have the option to scan a receipt directly from the Bills/POs feature within the mobile application. Navigate to More, then select Bills/POs from the Financial Drawer.

From here, tap the Plus icon to begin scanning receipts.

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