Constructing your database of cost item information and organizing the information into cost groups will allow you to use this information throughout the program. Doing so with selections will help expedite the selection building process as no two jobs are exactly the same.

While starting to build selections from a template, or from scratch, having cost item information readily available will allow you to import that financial data directly into a selection.

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How to Use Cost Items/Groups on Selections

The ability to add cost items/groups to a selection can help you quickly price out upgrades and options that you would have previously had to create manually.

Within the Selections feature, the ability to use cost item/groups is available within the Choice Details screen. To begin follow these steps:

1. First, click Project Management, then click Selections:

2. Then click New Selection:

3. You'll be required to add a Title to this new selection, then click Save.

4. You'll then be prompted with the option to Notify Your Customer. You can simply click Save:

5. Upon Save you'll now see the option to Add a Choice, click Add More Choices:

6. Next, you'll need to toggle from Flat Fee to Line Item:

7. Lastly, you'll click the catalog icon to access your cost items/groups:

You can now choose between individual items or a prefabricated cost group. You currently can't select multiple individual items. You can make edits to items and groups from here as needed.

If you choose a Cost Group, you'll be prompted to confirm the items:

Once you've imported the individual item or cost group, you'll notice that the items are locked - except for the Description, Quantity and Internal Notes fields. The reason these are locked is because they are tied to the catalog database. This allows for you to update the content via the catalog, and it will transpose down into the different entities where that item or group is being used.

If you'd like to edit any of the items you'll need to click on the chain link icon:

Remember, breaking the link will disallow you the ability to mass update the content of that item via the Catalog.

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