There are many different functions that the selections feature can manage. Whatever your process for presenting options to your customer, or simply tracking choices internally, selections are easy to create and will certainly add a layer of organization to your customer management.





Setup Options:

Creating Selections

Creating a selection is the first step needed to utilize all other selection functions. Selections allow you to share options with your customer that have been approved or need to be approved as well as what is available to spend. The selection can be setup to share and communicate information with the sub who is the vendor of the item selected as well as the sub/vendor who is to install the item.

Select New Selection.

Fill in the Selection Details.

Select Save.

Once saved, you can now begin adding choices. Choices can be added by clicking the Create New Choice box, or the Add Choices drop down.

Add a Title, Product Link (if applicable), as well as include the cost of this choice in your budget using the include in budget checkbox, if you would like the cost of this item included in the budget of the job, at this time.

Add any photos, as well as any documentation to the choice to provide as much information as possible.

If there is a photo your would like as a display photo for the choice, as well as determine who can access the file; you can set these parameters from the down arrow.

Finally, to round out the choice, add your cost and pricing to the choice, as well as include any additional description of the choice at the bottom. Save the choice in the top left to save the choice.

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