We are excited to announce an enhancement to Buildertrend's Time Clock feature. You and your team now have the ability to take breaks during shifts.

This will provide a one-click workflow to begin a break and end a break. This records all information in one shift, tracking all break time within the shift.

This update comes with a new interface for the Time Clock feature as well. Time Clock users now have a quick, easy way to reference important Time Clock information right as they open their Time Clock feature.


This update comes with an additional option within your administrative Setup.

Select the Time Clock tab to view the new option.

The new break option allows you to establish a maximum amount of time before breaks are automatically ended if enabled. This option ensures that any user that forgets to end their break will not cause extra work to adjust the shift at the office. If this setting is enabled, the End Break button will not be displayed. The user will not be able to manually end their break. The break will automatically end after the set break length expires. The break will end if the user clocks out while on break.

Taking Breaks

When you select the Time Clock feature, the new interface allows you to see valuable information without needing to click into a shift or run a specific report.

To take a break, you must be clocked in for the button to appear. The Actions dropdown houses the button to take a break.

At this point, the shift is paused, and break time is now being tracked. To end a break, the End Break button can be found within the Actions dropdown as well as within the grid. Clocking out will automatically end a break.

Once a shift is selected, break information will be displayed in the Breaks tab. Users with proper permissions will be able to Add and Edit breaks.

You are able to clock in, out and take breaks directly from the Summary page as well.

New Grid Column

On the Time Clock grid, there is a new Break Time column. This will be left blank if no breaks were taken. This column is defaulted On and will appear to the right of the Time Out column.


The Take Break button will be displayed on the mobile application if the user is currently clocked in.

When their break is over, they will be able to end the break, resuming their shift.

Please note, users will not have the ability to manually end a break if you have set up the automatic resume shift after "X" amount of minutes within Setup. With this setting on, the break will automatically end after the set break length expires. The break will end if the user clocks out while on break.

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