The Baseline is a powerful reporting tool for the Schedule feature. Setting the baseline will take a snapshot of your schedule the moment it is set. Once the baseline has been set, any updates made to the schedule will be tracked, allowing you to see why you're ahead or behind schedule.

The baseline can be set by navigating to the Baseline tab. Click Set Baseline when you're ready.

Below, you'll be able to see the high level details of your schedule.

When adjusting the schedule, be sure to think about notifying any assigned users that will be impacted by the adjustment.

Also, be sure to record the reason why the update is being made and add any additional notes that might be helpful.

After the adjustment has been made, the baseline will reflect the change to your schedule.

All items can be references in the baseline view, as well. the shift reason and notes are toward the far right of the table.

Shift can be seen within the schedule item by selecting the Shifts tab.

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