Using phases to group schedule items can help you and your customer view information easily and quickly. Phases can provide a top-down look as opposed to a granular look to your schedule.

To start creating Phases, select a schedule item.

From here, navigate to the Phases & Tags tab. Select Add, to begin adding phases.

Name the phase, and then select a color for the phase. Display order will help control the order of your phases when displayed when viewing your phases.

Select the dropdown to view your phases. Select a phase to assign it to the schedule item. Only one phase can be associated to a schedule item.

Phases can be assigned to multiple items using the List View. From here, select the schedule items using the check boxes to the left. From Checked Actions, you are able to assign a phase the the selected schedule items.

Again, your phases will be displayed in the display order you have set up when adding phases.

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