Establishing predecessors and successors while building your schedule helps you see the workflow of a job as well as grant ease of use when updating your schedule. When two items are linked, an adjustment to a predecessor can automatically adjust successors accordingly.

To create a schedule item, navigate the the Schedule feature.

From here, select Schedule item from the New drop down.

Schedule items can also be created by click and dragging within the Month view.

At this point, add a title to the schedule item and set a start/end date. Select Save in the top left to save the item.

Once the item has been create and you would like to link schedule items together; navigate to the Gantt.

From here, click and drag the ball from the end of one item to the beginning of any other items contingent upon the completion of the predecessor.

Once linked, if the predecessor is moved, the successor is automatically moved that same number of days.

To break a link, simply click the link and confirm the removal.

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