Schedule's offline mode provides you the ability to privately build your workflow and control notifications. At this point, trades and customers do not have access to the schedule. 

Once your schedule is complete, switching it to online mode allows your team, trades and customers access to view the schedule, based on your settings. Now you can make updates and notify the appropriate parties. 

When your schedule is built and you would like to enable notifications; toggle your schedule online.

Turning your schedule online comes with additional automated functionality.

Your Schedule is now online

  • Notifications and reminders will be sent as scheduled

  • Subs/Vendors and the Owner can see schedule items if permitted

  • Schedule items cannot be modified directly in the Calendar and Gantt tabs

When turning the schedule online, you will be able to see any scheduling conflicts, add users assigned to schedule items to the job, as well as request assigned users confirm the scheduled dates work for them.

Now that your schedule is online, your team will be kept on the same page with automated notifications, reducing the amount of phone calls that you'll need to make when there are updates to the schedule.

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