Creating recurring schedule items is quick and easy to do. Copying existing schedule items will allow you to customize and plan recurring meetings on your schedule that need to be accounted for.

Start by creating a new schedule item.

Fill out the schedule item's information. Things to consider would be assignees, color, reminders, as well as set a start and end time if the item will have set hours. Save the item when finished.

After the schedule item has been saved, a Copy button will appear at the top.

From here, you can choose to copy the item to multiple dates. This will copy the schedule item to the date you have selected, as well as every so many workdays, if applicable. For the example below, I have set it to have this item occur every Monday through February 28th, 2022.

Select Copy to copy the item.

For this example, I now have a team meeting that occurs every Monday.

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