Custom fields are a power feature available for virtually every aspect of Buildertrend. If there are data points that are captured in a custom field for a lead that you would like to have transferred over to the job once converted, you can easily establish links to ensure that you are not duplicating any data entry and saving time.

Start by navigating to Setup. This tab is only accessible to administrators on your account, as it controls many account-wide settings.

From here, navigate to the Leads tab.

Once in Leads, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here is where Custom Fields can be created, edited, copied, and linked. If creating a new field, click Add New Field in the top right.

At this point, label the Custom Field. This will help identify what data you're tracking with this field.

From here, select how you would like this field to function. If you are linking this Custom Field from a lead with a custom field from a job, it must have the same Label and Data Type or the fields cannot be linked.

Once the Custom Field has been saved, you will have additional options to copy or link this Custom Field to a field that has already been created for the job.

Copy Custom Field will allow you to copy the lead custom field to a job. Link To to allows you to link this custom field with an already existing custom field for a job of the same Label and Data Type.

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